Testing is one of the most important stages of refining precious metals. Testing is done to ensure purity, weight and other elements such as gold or silver content, value etc.

Testing of precious metals helps to ensure the integrity of the value of those metals. It ensures that the purity and quality are as expected, and that they’re not contaminated with other elements or materials. It also makes sure that they’re safe to work with in every way—that they won’t cause harm to people who handle or use them.

Falcon refinery uses a combination of different methods in the testing process.

  • Sampling: Sampling of precious metal based on ISO: 11596.
  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF): – The XRF method provide the rapid analysis of precious metal combinations with good precision.
  • ICP-OES machines to test the purity of fine gold and silver, can identify the impurities in the pure precious metals, Based on ISO: 15093 and ISO: 15096 respectively.
  • Potentiometric titration method to test the purity of Silver using Metrohm Titration machine, based on ISO:11427